Mort B.

When Mort B. was evaluated for physical, occupational and speech therapies, he needed a lot of assistance just to stand up and get in and out of bed. He was also unable to walk due to generalized weakness.

During the three-month period with our Rehabilitation Deptartment, Mort worked hard and diligently day after day. His therapists witnessed how he put in much effort and the tremendous progress he made over time. It can never be denied that Mort was in the right track towards achieving his goals.

Today, we can see Mort doing laps around 4th floor with his rolling walker. He has also started walking with cane and negotiating stairs. Eating wise, he is starting to eat breakfast, his favorite meal with the supervision of his speech therapist, Erin.

Mort made a significant progress with Physical rehabilitation. He makes all his therapists proud for the success he truly deserves.